Luminous Business Strategy (LBS) was created with a single mission: to create bespoke business services and opportunities for clients and partnering operations.

Graphic designers, Data Analysts and Social Media/P.R managers all come together and get intimate with every project to deliver the best possible outcome. We collaborate with experts in the industry from within the U.K and abroad to offer a truly holistic end to end solution for all our endeavors.





Umar has been of an entrepreneurial nature since he was 14 years old. Finding odd and creative ways to make extra money came naturally. And now, project commercialisation has become a passion.

Chef and restauranteur by training, 'U.A.E Culinary Guild' gold medallist and winner of 'The Queens Award for Enterprise'.

Several years of Business Strategy, tied in with extensive experience in the Food & Beverage/Restaurant industry in various countries gives him a versatile edge. He has guided leading companies in the U.K, and abroad as a senior decision-maker.

Umar believes that true success can only be achieved if you can balance your ability for commercialisation and

mental wellbeing. He has invested a lot of time and focus on understanding and getting the balance right for himself and his partners. He now takes a much more omnipreneurial approach in all endeavours rather than a traditional entrepreneurial path .

He likes to work with people and organisations who aim to become leaders in their sector.

"Able to build a meaningful life is important to be successful and happy. Whether operating in business, the  public sector,  or the non-profit world, with an omniprenuerial approach, you can achieve meaning across all arenas". - Umar


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